The iconic Micro Machines are coming back!

At Licensing Expo, Hasbro appointed Wicked Cool Toys as the new global master toy licensee for one of the most popular toys of the ’80s and ’90s — Micro Machines. Originally made by Galoob and relaunched by Hasbro in the mid-’90s, Micro Machines were a phenomenon made iconic with rapid-fire commercials featuring the fast-talking John Moschitta Jr. as “The Micro Machine Man,” wrapping each spot with the memorable tagline: “If it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing!”

“Micro Machines is one of those amazing nostalgic brands that still has appeal 30 years later. There is huge potential to bring it back,”  says Michael Rinzler, co-president of Wicked Cool Toys.

Jeremy Padawer, co-president, adds, “Considering recent toy unboxing trends, the brand’s multigenerational appeal, and the vehicle category’s ripeness for something ‘new’ again, we believe Micro Machines will be a global phenomenon.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wicked Cool Toys, an entrepreneurial toy company that has a proven track record in relaunching classic brands with product innovation and a modern, sophisticated marketing approach,” says Casey Collins, general manager and SVP of entertainment and licensing at Hasbro. “We are excited to collaborate to introduce Micro Machines to a whole new generation of kids.”

The new collection from Wicked Cool Toys will launch next fall.