Reinforcing this year’s trend that it is okay to play with your food, Moose Toys is teaming up with some of the most recognizable grocery brands for Shopkins Real Littles.

The new line of more than 50 unique collectibles features characters based on miniature versions of real brands including Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Pringles, Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts, and more. Characters such as Fruit Loopsy — a miniature bag of Froot Loops with a smiling Shopkins face that fits inside the recognizable Froot Loops box — will fully embody the brand.

“Welch’s juices and jellies are a family favorite and we are happy to have them recreated as adorable Shopkins toys,” says Christy Shepard, licensing manager, Welch Foods Inc. “The partnership between Welch’s and Moose Toys to bring these mini versions of our brand to life has been grape fun. We love this additional and playful way of introducing the Welch’s brand to kids.”

“When Shopkins began, the characters were primarily grocery and household items with sweet faces and cheeky personalities. Real Littles is a nod to our origin, this time in partnership with brands kids and parents know and love,” says Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “Now kids can collect a tiny box of Pop-Tarts or a can of Pringles, and the matching Shopkin inside looks just like the real thing, only cuter.”

The launch of Shopkins Real Littles will be supported by a multifaceted marketing campaign, including national TV, digital and social campaigns, influencer partnerships and in-store point-of-sale materials highlighting unique collector’s case promotions. The special collector’s case has a home for more than 50 Real Littles, encouraging fans to complete their collections. The collector’s case will be offered as a gift with purchase for a limited time at participating retailers.