Hasbro’s My Little Pony brand has gotten a variety of cross-over collectibles this year, including ponies inspired by Transformers, Ghostbusters, and even Dungeons & Dragons. Now, Hasbro has mixed this iconic toy horse brand with some of its other classic toys. The result? Some retro-style ponies that are must-haves for toy lovers.

Hasbro Pulse has launched two new retro My Little Pony collectible figures, one inspired by Twister and the other inspired by Lite Brite. Both figures stand 4.5-inches tall and feature the original ’80s My Little Pony design.

The Twister pony, called “Right Hoof Red” is white with a mane and tail featuring the four colors found on a Twister board. Her cutie mark is designed to look like the classic Twister board game spinner. The Lite Brite version, also known as “Peggy Mane,” has a rainbow mane and tail and a cutie mark that looks like Lite Brite art.

Both ponies feature molded plastic hair and come inside special branded packaging. They have been available from GameStop and Entertainment Earth (preorder), but are now also available to purchase for $12.99 each from Hasbro Pulse.