Source: PlayMonster

PlayMonster LLC and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) inked a partnership deal for Snap Ships that will bring the intergalactic building fun to the Cub Scouts.

A Cub Scouts Modular Design & Build Preview Adventure will launch this year in which kids will learn modular design with and without instructions using Snap Ships. Additionally, PlayMonster will provide 10,000 Snap Ships samples to kids attending BSA day camps and summer camp programs.

“We are incredibly excited for the opportunity to introduce thousands of Cub Scouts to the Snap Ships experience,” says Scott Flynn, vice president sales and marketing, PlayMonster. “The Boy Scouts of America has a long history in inspiring learning through fun experiences and it’s an absolute honor to have a custom Snap Ships program that builds on that tradition for today’s Cub Scouts.”

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Snap Ships posits a future in which the world is under constant attack from an alien species known as The Komplex. Fighting the battle is The Forge, an elite team that pilots a fleet of versatile and specialized Snap Ships defense attack crafts. During their continuing conflict, The Forge discovers UJU tech, a mysterious creation left behind by an ancient civilization. When added to their Snap Ships, each craft is upgraded with incredible new powers and abilities.

“From Pinewood Derby races and now Snap Ship building, Cub Scouting delivers skill-building lessons to children through interactive experiences that spark their interest and imagination,” says Anthony Berger, national director of Cub Scouting for the Boy Scouts of America. “We are so delighted to partner with PlayMonster and Snap Ships to create this hands-on opportunity to engage children in an exciting new activity.”

Snap Ships were a nominee for The Toy Association’s most recent Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards in the construction category.