Source: Pressure Games

Following a successful crowd equity campaign that raised more than $100,000 via Wefunder, Pressure Games filed for its first patent and launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Countdown to consumers’ homes.

Countdown reinvents the classic game of hide-and-seek by combining handheld gaming and physical play. The game includes more than 12 retro-inspired reflex, logic, and movement puzzles that can be played right out of the box. Games include Trigger Finger, Color Wheel, Whack-a-Mole, Cut the Wire, and more, with the ability to add future games and updates through the companion Countdown app.

“This Kickstarter is the culmination of thousands of hours of playtesting, development, and refinement, says Liz Hughes, chief brand officer at Pressure Games. “It’s been an amazing experience working on Countdown and our whole team can’t wait to get it into family’s hands this holiday season.”

The development of Countdown was made possible through partnerships to assist in marketing and manufacturing. LiveArea Director of Strategy Valerie Vacante, founder of Collabsco, serves as a key advisor, while Matt Nuccio of Design Edge was enlisted to lead manufacturing.

“While lockdown living continues, families are looking for new ways to stay active and entertained together,” says Vacante. “We are seeing significant growth in outdoor sports toys along with board games, puzzles, and the interactive gaming market. Countdown brings together the best of these play experiences to get families actively gaming together.”

The Kickstarter campaign includes customary perks at different levels with expected delivery in November. Additionally, Pressure Games is offering a Toys For Tots level that will help the company provide additional units to families in need during the upcoming holiday season.

“It’s been really exciting teaming up with the gang at Pressure Games,” Nuccio says. “I love their enthusiasm for elevating the gaming experience.”