Silverhawks Ultimates! | Source: Super7/The Toy Book

Following the successful relaunches of ’80s action brands, including G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, ThunderCats, and Voltron, the SilverHawks are reporting for duty.

Super7 is relaunching the SilverHawks brand and its “partly metal, partly real” heroes as a new line of toys and collectibles. SilverHawks launched as an animated series from Rankin/Bass productions in 1986 as a follow-up to ThunderCats. After LJN, makers of the ThunderCats toys passed on the line, Kenner stepped in and released a full range of action figures, vehicles, and playsets. Super7 will kick off its relaunch with a range of 7-inch scale Ultimates! action figures.

Silverhawks Ultimates! | Source: Super7/The Toy Book

“At long last, it is a pleasure to finally bring back SilverHawks to battle Mon*Star and the forces of evil throughout the universe,” says  Super7 Founder and Owner, Brian Flynn. “What is super exciting is that the Ultimates! figures are just the beginning. We have a much larger relationship with SilverHawks LLC, and we will see SilverHawks available again for years to come.”

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Super7 is using its “made-to-order” model for SilverHawks and will launch preorders tomorrow. Quicksilver, Steelheart, and Buzz-Saw will be priced at $55 each while the 11-inch Mon*Star will be $85. The first wave is expected to ship next spring.

According to Flynn, additional action figures and products will be revealed later this year.