Blue Orange Games is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with 20 new game titles. 

Sixteen of the new games will be showcased at Toy Fair New York and will be available in the spring. Check out their descriptions below:

  • Fish Club, 2 players | Ages 5+ 
    • Kids drop their fish into the tank and the first player to connect five of their fish together wins the game.
  • Snip Snap, 2-6 players | Ages 7+ 
    • Players race to match dice with their opponents.
  • Starlink, 3-6 players | Ages 8+ 
    • This game takes drawing out of this world. Kids draw a secret word by connecting stars on the board. 
  • Slam Cup, 2-4 players | Ages 6+ 
    • Kids match the color of the inside of their cup with the color of the outside and stack them as fast as they can.
  • Droll, 2-6 players | Ages 7+ 
    • Players race to draw images based on a secret word on each side of their giant dice. Then their teammates have to guess what the words are.
  • Cupcake Academy, 2-4 players | Ages 8+ 
    • Cupcake Acadamy combines logic and speed through collaboration.
  • Cross Clues, 2-6 players | Ages 7+ 
    • Kids have to work together to find clues to fill a grid of code words.
  • Talent Show, 2-10 players | Ages 7+ 
    • Players can either work together or compete in this game that provides a variety of challenges, such as drawing and singing.
  • Rip Off, 2-6 players | Ages 8+
    • Kids rip apart their bills to cover what they want to buy. Whoever has the biggest bill at the end wins.
  • Piece of Pie, 2-4 players | Ages 8+ 
    • In this delicious game, kids follow the recipe cards to earn more points while during each turn they take pieces to add to their personal pie.
  • Rose Ceremony, 3-6 players | Ages 8+ 
    • Players offer roses to each other but can be turned down if the other player suspects it has too many thorns. The object is to create a beautiful rose bouquet without getting any thorns.
  • Animix, 2-6 players | Ages 8+ 
    • Kids earn points by collecting different animals in this game.
  • Pig Puzzle, 1 player | Ages 5+ 
    • Pig Puzzle challenges kids with a series of logical challenges that get more difficult as the game goes on.
  • Bye Bye Mr. Fox!, 1-4 players | Ages 5+ 
    • Kids have to protect the hen’s eggs from the cunning Mr. Fox in this cooperative game.
  • Save the Dragon, 2-4 players | Ages 5+ 
    • The first player to reach the top of the stairs into the dragon’s tower wins in this roll and move game.
  • Maracas, 2-8 players | Ages 6+ 
    • One player fills the maraca up with beads and the others have to guess how many are inside by shaking them.

Blue Orange Games will showcase these new products along with some of the classics in booth No. 103 at Toy Fair New York, taking place from Feb. 22-25 at the Jacob K. Javits Center.

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