Our June issue is a summer spectacular!

Inspired by the spirit of The Licensing Book, The Toy Book celebrates the robust world of licensed toys, games, and products for kids and kidults alike. Additionally, we’ll take a look at the toyetic entertainment properties that are shaping the industry for the rest of 2023 and beyond. Our Licensing & Entertainment issue is refreshed and updated this year with new categories that retailers, distributors, licensors, and licensees should get excited about.

If you have products that fit the bill, we want to hear from you!

This issue debuts at Licensing Expo, June 13, 2023

Featured Categories in The Licensing & Entertainment Issue Include:

  • Show Me the Goods: This roundup showcases new, licensed toys and games for kids of all ages across multiple categories. If it’s licensed and new for 2023 (or beyond), this is the spot for it! Think action figures, outdoor, preschool, dolls, you name it — entertainment licensing is hot!
  • Music Inspired: Music licensing is a big deal and this showcase will highlight some of the biggest brands (and bands) getting in on the action.
  • Anime Inspired: Anime is hot, and this showcase will feature the hottest properties originating from the colorful world of anime and manga.
  • Automotive Inspired: Toys and games inspired by classic cars and motorsports to popular brands in the world of car culture. Think die-cast, R/C, action figures, playsets, and beyond.
  • Sports Inspired: Professional sports are inspiring new products in multiple categories, including dolls, action figures, trading cards, and more.
  • Video Game Inspired: Toys inspired by console, PC, and mobile gaming.
  • Licensed Games & Puzzles: Game aisles and hobby shops are bursting with new products inspired by top licensed brands.

Additional Highlights include:

  • Property Profiles: A look at the big licensed properties that are extending the fun beyond the toy department or coming into the toy department from beyond.
  • Select Toy Book departments plus exclusive features covering all aspects of the industry, including retail, the state of freight, hot trends, packaging, invention, marketing and public relations, and much, much more.

Submission Guidelines & Instructions:

There is no fee to submit for editorial consideration, but submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected.

If you have products that you want retailers and the rest of the industry to see, we’d love to share them.* Due to the large number of submissions that we receive, we request that you read and adhere to the submission requirements below.

Please send your new, 2023 product descriptions in a Word document attachment to James Zahn, james@toybook.com. Only one company should be included in each document, and all correspondence should be kept to one email thread per company.

You may submit using the following format:
(Street date, month, or season, i.e. Summer 2023, Holiday 2023)
Short description of your product.

Prioritize your submissions in each category, listing your most important items at the top of each category list, and your most important category first. Please only include top-line talking points in the product description. Our space is limited, but we will try to cover as many of your products as possible.

Please include high-resolution 300 dpi images with transparent/no background as email attachments. If possible, include an image of every item for each category, and name your images so that it is clear which item it is. 

Please do not send PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, and do not embed images within documents.

*Please note that due to the large number of submissions that we receive, inclusion in The Toy Book is not guaranteed. The Toy Book editorial team, at its sole discretion, may approve or reject a submission for any reason. We reserve the right to categorize products, edit product descriptions for length, clarity, and adherence to AP and house style, and may limit the total number of products showcased for this no-cost editorial opportunity. We do not, for any reason, include legal symbols in editorial coverage.

Send your submission by April 7. If you need an extension, please send an email to james@toybook.com

DO NOT Checklist:

  • Do not send PDFs or PowerPoint presentations
  • Do not embed images within documents.
  • Do not send links to folders
  • Do not send Wetransfer links that include subfolders within Zip files (they often do not unzip properly)
  • Do not submit products missing key information
  • Do not submit multiple companies in a single doc
  • Do not submit multiple companies in a single email

Editorial Deadline: April 7, 2023

For questions related to editorial coverage and submissions, please reach out to James Zahn: james@toybook.com


This issue of The Toy Book will be distributed through a multitude of touchpoints, reaching thousands of retailers throughout North America. We are offering the following options to expand visibility for your new products and get your toys onto more retail shelves this year:

  • Print and digital magazine advertising
  • Toy Report and toybook.com digital ad placement
  • Sponsored E-blasts (limited quantity available)
  • Combination print/digital/editorial packages

For ad rates and marketing opportunities, please contact:

  • Jackie Breyer, Vice President & Group Publisher: jackie@toybook.com
  • James Devin, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing: jd@toybook.com
  • Stephanie Infantino, Sales Executive: stephanie@toybook.com

Advertising Deadline: May 1, 2023


Want to get in on the action with future issues of The Toy Book? Check out our 2023 editorial calendar for details on what we’re cooking up for the year ahead.