Wild Republic collaborated with Kappa Toys to bring families an immersive experience that highlights and educates kids about the importance of nature. The toy company’s upcoming Nature Tunnel and Sensory Experience will take place at the Kappa Toys store located in the Minnesota Mall of America.

Families can purchase sustainable plush toys at the event, including Wild Republic’s Monsterkins. | Source: Wild Republic

This glow-in-the-dark immersive experience combines family connections with the beauty of nature. Families will immediately notice plush animals that glow in the dark and feature colorful, fluorescent elements. Kids can point out snakes, butterflies, and more as they experience fun sounds in the multi-sensory space. 

This sensory experience also features an oversized butterfly wing backdrop, which is perfect for families wanting to capture the moment on camera. The event also features a variety of sustainable plush toys for purchase, including Wild Republic’s popular line of Monsterkins.

“We created this fun space as a way to create a unique connection with nature, animals, and its beauty. This new experience is also the perfect example for future plans with our retail partners moving forward,” says Vishnu Chandran, CEO of Wild Republic. “Throughout our 40 plus-year history, it’s always been our mission to educate our children about the importance of nature and conservation, and we’ve successfully done this through our product lines. This new multi-sensory space provides another opportunity for us to further this mission and we’re thrilled to partner with Kappa Toys on this.”

The Wild Republic Nature Tunnel and Sensory Experience’s grand opening is on Dec. 16. The first 20 customers to arrive on Dec. 17 will get to experience an additional interactive activity. Families can learn more about nature, animals, and other events at wildrepublic.com.

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