British toy company Wow! Stuff has made its way to Toy Fair and can boast a product featured in the Toy Association’s New Trend Presentation.

Wow! Stuff is known for its Real FX line, featuring realistic replica toys from popular licensed brands such as Jurassic Park. The line is adding a new property to the mix with Thing from MGM Television’s Wednesday series ready to make an appearance in home videos everywhere.

The Real FX Thing uses green screen technology. | Source: Wow! Stuff

The Thing toy is new to the market and on-trend as a tech toy designed to be enjoyed by both kids and kidults. It was featured in the fair’s New Trend Presentation, what Dawn Lavalette, Managing Director at Wow! Stuff, calls “an amazing opportunity for us.” The toy utilizes green screen technology to let fans of the show shoot videos of their own with the disembodied hand.

Wednesday follows the popular character from the Addams Family, brought to a new boarding school environment as a teenager. The series premiered on Netflix last November, with a No. 1 launch in 83 countries.

Wow Stuff! prides itself on the Real FX line, designed to “Look Real, Feel Real, and Sound Real.” The company is eager to be showing the newest addition to the line to guests at Toy Fair in New York City.

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