In honor of SpongeBob SquarePants’ 20th anniversary, Alpha Group will debut a new line of SpongeBob toys.

Alpha Group is the new global master toy partner for the Nickelodeon animated series, and its new product line is designed to appeal to multiple generations of fans, from kids to millennials.

There are three new lines of collectible vinyl figures, designed for older fans of the series. The “Masterpiece Memes” are 8-inch figures depicting moments from the show that have become viral memes, including mocking SpongeBob, Surprised Patrick, and Imaginaaation SpongeBob. The SpongeBob CulturePants figures are 4.5-inch collectibles that celebrate pop culture through a SpongeBob lens. The spring line includes B-Movie SpongeBob and Old-Timey SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward inspired by the golden age of animation. The Spongesicles line will be available this fall and resemble the SpongeBob ice pops sold at ice cream trucks. There are four designs to collect, three with a melted look.

Alpha also combines SpongeBob with another Nickelodeon classic—slime. The SpongeBob Slimeez Figures come with 2 ounces of slime kids can load into the figure. When they squeeze the figure, the slime oozes out. The 3-inch, blind-box figures will debut with six designs this spring and seven more in the fall.

Things get even slimier with Plankton’s Slimetory, a play set for kids ages 6 and up. The set includes three colors of Nickelodeon Slime, an exclusive SpongeBob Slimeez figure, and a catapult kids can use to fling slime onto SpongeBob.

Other toys in the line include StretchPants—a SpongeBob that makes more than 20 sounds and phrases when kids stretch his arms and legs—and a SpongeBob-styled Giggle Blaster, which features a working periscope, sprays aerosol party string, and shouts more than 15 SpongeBob phrases. StretchPants will be available this spring, and the Giggle Blaster will be available this fall.

SpongeBob fans of any age can play with SpongeHeads, a line of inflatable, 20-inch headwear designed to look like favorite SpongeBob characters.

Alpha Group also introduces multiple SpongeBob plush toys. The 6-inch Mini Plush line will be available this spring as six characters. The Exsqueeze Me Plush are burping, farting, interactive plush, which will be available in two waves for the spring and fall. The Huggable Plush arrive this fall, featuring characters including Doe Eye SpongeBob, SpongeBob with Glasses, Patrick, and Plankton. All these plush lines are designed for fans ages 4 and up.

The SpongeBob LaughPants plush, designed for kids ages 6 and up, is a 17-inch plush that tells jokes. The plush features articulated arms and hips and real pleater shoes and belt.

Alpha Group will unveil all of the SpongeBob toys at New York Toy Fair in booth No. 2965.

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Madeleine Buckley

Madeleine Buckley

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