GoldieBlox partnered with Make It Real to create DIY (do it yourself) kits based on the projects seen on the YouTube series Hack Along with GoldieBlox. The extensive collection of DIY creativity kits for is set to launch globally next summer.

Hack Along with GoldieBlox is an original series on GoldieBlox’s YouTube channel, which has more than 536,000 followers. The show invites kids to “hack their world” with fun everyday crafts sprinkled with STEM principles.

The kits will each directly tie to an unreleased Hack Along with GoldieBlox video, with all of the materials needed to create a STEM-based craft project.

“It’s exactly what you always dream of a license being,” says Isaac Wolman, CEO of Make It Real.Every once in a while you get this opportunity to work with a licensor and with a media content development company where the products are 100 percent seamlessly integrated, and its a really exciting opportunity.”

Wolman says these DIY kits are only the beginning of the partnership, and that Make It Real plans to develop products based on other GoldieBlox content in the future.

“I think with this product line and this type of collaboration, it’s really just a way that we can work together to inspire an entire generation of girls around the world,” Wolman says.