Hot Wheels NFT Garage | Source: Mattel

Mattel, Inc. is getting into the NFT game.

Beginning June 22, Mattel Creations will offer three unique, 1-of-1 Hot Wheels NFT “First Editions” during the inaugural Hot Wheels NFT Garage auction.

Three iconic Hot Wheels vehicles — the Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, and Deora II — will live in the digital art space as Mattel enters the blockchain and opens the option for collectors to use cryptocurrency as a purchase option. Beginning next week, Mattel will provide the option to complete transactions with cryptocurrency exclusively using Ethereum (ETH).

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The Hot Wheels launch is just the first piece of a planned ongoing venture into the NFT space.

Mattel says that fans can expect additional NFT launches across the Mattel Creations toys-as-art platform in the months ahead.