Scooter Build & Crash Pack | Source: Mattel/ the Toy Book

Mattel will launch multiple toys based on Disney and Pixar’s upcoming film Luca, beginning on July 1.

The coming-of-age film takes place in the Italian Riviera and follows Luca as he shares a summer of adventures with his new friend Alberto. Their unforgettable fun is only threatened by one thing: They’re both sea monsters from another world just below the water’s surface.

Kids can collect a number of different packs inspired by the film, including specific scenes. The Disney Pixar Luca Luca & Alberto’s Adventure Pack comes with Alberto and Luca in their sea-monster forms and plenty of storytelling accessories. Kids can reenact Luca’s chore of goatfish herding or recall Alberto’s misinterpretation of common land items.

Luca & Alberto’s Adventure Pack | Source: Mattel

With the Stargazers pack, kids can reenact the eye-opening scene that features Luca in his human form and Giulia, his quirky and curious human friend. The 5.4-inch figures come with a to-scale telescope and an astronomy book. Kids can open the box and look through the cutouts for additional play.

Stargazer Pack | Source: Mattel

The Luca Paguro and Alberto Scorfano figures are each sold separately and can be interchanged with the Scooter Build & Crash Pack figures. The crash pack features the characters in their human form, as well as a scooter that can be built and rebuilt. The separately sold Luca and Alberto figures feature the characters in their sea monster forms. Kids can reenact the transformational storyline of the film by swapping the human and sea-monster figures’ heads, torsos, arms, and legs.

Luca will premiere on Disney+ on June 18.

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