Toca-Ink_product-image_1This month, Toca Boca launched the Artist Play Series, a new project that invites international artists to celebrate the synergies of play and art by creating tools for play. The result is a series of toys that encourage imagination and self-expression. The line kicked off earlier this month with Toca Ink, a set of six temporary tattoos by Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Virginia Elwood. The Toy Book chatted with Toca Boca about the new line.

The Toy Book (TTB): Is this Toca Boca’s first licensed product line in the U.S.?
Toca Boca (TB):
Toca Ink, the first product from the Artist Play Series, is not a licensed product. It’s a Toca Boca product.

TTB: How did Toca Boca select each artist for the temporary tattoo line?
Toca Ink is the only temporary tattoo product we have planned. We partnered with Virginia Elwood on it after looking at hundreds of tattoo artists across the U.S. for one that had a truly personal style and high artistic integrity. Virginia’s love for this art form is evident in her work. She has a classic style, yet her bold personality still shines through. We were drawn to how she comes across as an artist first and a tattoo artist second.

TTB: What about the Artist Series appeals to kids and parents?
At Toca Boca, we are always looking at new ways to deliver play experiences that celebrate creativity and spark the imagination, even beyond the digital screen. We’re excited to show kids and parents how art and play are intertwined through these physical toys. We’ve seen how much kids love playing with Toca Ink and how much parents love seeing their kids express their creativity. There’s more to come from the Artist Play Series as well. Our next collaboration and product will give kids and parents even more ways to play together. Stay tuned!

TTB: Will the line expand to include more artists?
Yes, our next collaboration in the Artist Play Series will be with Argentinian artist CHU (Julian Pablo Manzelli). We’ll be sharing more about what the product is in late November.

TTB: Where else do you anticipate expanding Toca Boca into consumer products?
We don’t have anything else planned at the moment beyond the Artist Play Series, but we’re always looking at new ways to bring Toca Boca to kids and families.

Check out the video below, taken at the recent HoliDAY of Play event (co-hosted by The Big Toy Book, sister site of The Toy Book), in which Sherry Shen, the head of PR North America for Toca Boca, showed off the new Toca Ink line.