Source: Genius Brands

Genius Brands International Inc. and ABG Entertainment, a division of Authentic Brands Group, are collaborating on production of Shaq’s Garage, a new animated adventure series starring basketball superstar and current Tonka pitchman Shaquille O’Neal. As part of the deal, Shaq will serve as an executive producer and become a shareholder in Genius Brands.

“We challenged ourselves to come up with the most exciting storylines and vehicle designs inspired by Toy Story, Tony Stark, and 007 that could only be imagined by ‘Big Diesel,’ himself,” says Genius Brands Chairman and CEO Andy Heyward. “The lead vehicle is named Big Diesel and will be voiced by Shaq.”

The series will follow the adventures of Shaq’s fleet of vehicles, each of which holds special Shaq-centric powers and attributes.

“Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by cars,” O’Neal says. “I’m so excited to bring this series to life with Genius Brands. We plan to showcase the most amazing, tricked out assortment of vehicles that can only be found in my garage. They will all have larger than life personalities, larger than life missions, and of course, larger than life sound systems. One of our cars is a vehicle missing a wheel, but she is as strong, fast, and smart as any other vehicle. This will be a kid’s show which will highlight inclusivity for all.”

Shaq’s Garage is set to premiere in 2022 on Genius Brands’ Kartoon Channel!