The Simplay3 Co. added two new products to its growing lineup of made-in-the-U.S. toys. The Rock & Roll Teeter and Rock Around Wobble Disk are both designed for indoor and outdoor active play, and require no assembly. Designed and manufactured in Ohio, the Teeter and Wobble Disk are designed for kids ages 2 to 5.

The Rock & Roll Teeter is a seesaw with grip handles, two seats, and high backrests for active play indoors or outside. Kids can flip it over to crawl through the tunnel, or rock and balance with it using the item’s unique contours. It also features a heavy duty double wall plastic construction.

The Rock Around Wobble Disk is a heavy duty durable plastic wobble saucer disk that offers 360-degree rocking, spinning, or climbing. Kids can hold tight onto the grip sides, and spin, rock, flip, climb, or jump off of it. The safety ring wraps around the middle of the toy saucer help limit extreme wobbling.

Both products are available now through Simplay3’s direct-to-consumer website and Amazon. Additional new items for this year will debut next month at the 116th Toy Fair New York.