Land of Dough Planet Earth Dough | Source: Crazy Aaron’s

Crazy Aaron’s — maker of Thinking Putty— is celebrating the 4th of July with a milestone of creating 100 U.S. jobs through product expansion and innovative employment.

Based out of Norristown, Pennsylvania, Crazy Aaron’s also produces Land of Dough, a line of eco-friendly play dough. The brand’s factory in Norristown is powered by wind and uses reclaimed landfill gas as an energy source. Land of Dough uses all natural colors, compostable glitter, and essential oils. The dough comes in sustainable packaging and, unlike the classic Thinking Putty, it air dries, making it a good option for sculpting. 

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Crazy Aaron’s has also developed production methods that make in-house job opportunities suitable for those with special needs. The company’s U.S.-based production has helped guarantee that its products and team continue to create meaningful work based on quality products and service, teamwork, and, of course, fun.