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When we last caught up with Regal Logistics ahead of Toy Fair New York (TFNY) last year, sourcing and logistics were hot topics as the toy industry emerged from a series of challenges that made an impact on the business of getting new toys and games into North America in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. As we now know, a new set of challenges was looming on the horizon as the COVID-19 pandemic began disrupting the normal course of business last spring.

Regal Logistics works with some of the biggest toymakers in the industry alongside new and emerging companies by offering services that can benefit companies of all sizes that are looking to build out a solid supply chain “from port to sale.”

While TFNY didn’t happen as planned this year, the toy business is booming and The Toy Book caught up with Regal Logistics President James Moynihan for an update on how the company is continuing to help its clients navigate an increasingly complex industry.

The Toy Book: Logistics are even more complicated in the age of COVID-19. What does Regal offer its toy industry clients to help them supply major retailers effectively?

James Moynihan: These are trying times to be sure. It’s important to have an expert and reliable third-party logistics partner working with you to ensure your toy products are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively, and your major retailer customers like Walmart and Amazon are satisfied. At Regal Logistics, we’ve been in this business for more than 50 years, and our know-how is just what customers need right now.

TB: While brick-and-mortar is important, e-commerce is king when it comes to meeting the demands of at-home consumers. How does Regal Logistics help toy companies supply a retail giant such as Amazon and what are the shipping and retail compliance advantages of working with Regal to do so?

JM: Using Regal’s High Volume Shipper Program, we help toy customers ensure routing consolidation, create more full truckloads, reduce LTL shipments, and save time and money. As Amazon says, ‘We chose Regal Logistics to be part of our new transportation initiative for high volume shippers.’ Regal is Amazon’s choice for helping customers improve purchase order (PO) processing and transportation flow. A direct communication channel between Regal and Amazon keeps critical information moving and updated. And Regal Logistics systems, know-how, and experience ensure its customers meet Amazon supplier requirements and exceed expectations. No matter what supplier arrangement our toy customers currently have or want to achieve, Regal supports them with:

  • Vendor Central in which supplier direct sells to Amazon and Regal manages the efficient movement of those products through the supply chain.
  • Seller Central in which the supplier sells to Amazon customers and Regal provides support for “direct-to-consumer” orders fulfilled by the supplier.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in which orders flow to Regal for processing and shipment to Amazon when product is sold.

Toy companies shipping to Amazon via Regal also benefit from:

  • The Amazon Traffic Portal;
  • Multiple customer PO entry and routing;
  • Amazon-aligned supplier ship windows;
  • Weekly PO entry, routing, and shipping synergy;
  • Carrier preloading drop-and-hook program; and
  • A direct communication channel.

Walmart Truck Fleet | Source: Walmart

TB: In the fourth quarter of 2020, Walmart tightened its supplier delivery requirements. How does Regal Logistics assist toymakers in dealing with these new mandates?

JM: We believe that Walmart says it best: “Regal Logistics is an example we use when instructing new vendors on our expectations for routing and loading their freight.” Regal’s 50 years of experience shipping to Walmart means smooth, reliable distribution and replenishment programs that consistently meet evolving shipper requirements. As of September 15, 2020, this includes Walmart’s mandate that suppliers to its U.S. stores and e-commerce must deliver full orders within a one or two-day window 98% of the time — up from the previous 87% threshold — or face a fine of 3% of the cost of delayed goods. Regal is uniquely qualified to help its toy customers with:

  • Leveraged supplier scorecards;
  • Use of customized reports to fulfill OTIF plan;
  • Avoidance of invoice penalties, improved supplier status; and
  • The ability to achieve two-day delivery window compliance.

We also have many other examples of why our toy customers rely on Regal Logistics as an expert in shipping goods to Walmart. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Regal Logistics is the largest 3PL shipper to Walmart in the Pacific Northwest
  • Consolidated supplier ship point ensures optimum routing and shipping for replenishment and DVS orders
  • Authorized trailer pool facility and 24/7 Walmart access to Regal yard
  • Preferred multivendor pool facility — Regal works directly with Walmart Corporate Traffic
  • Drop trailer program ensures immediate freight drop-off and pickups
  • MyRegal real-time inventory tracking maintains product visibility from the port of entry to Regal’s Walmart dock door
  • Confirm Shipment Walmart PO entry web portal know-how
  • We can handle large volume moves and coordinate shipments to ensure that freight is handled with high priority and efficiency
  • Synergy with Retail Link —Walmart’s internal routing system tools and support
Regal Logistics Ports

Regal Logistics port locations | Source: Regal Logistics

TB: The challenges of the past two years created never-before-seen upheaval in the economy. Whether it’s import challenges in China, transportation delays in the logistics supply chain, or a boon in demand for toy products to keep sheltered families occupied, many companies need even more robust third-party logistics services. What other important services does Regal provide to help toy companies with their logistics challenges?

JM: We think our leading toy customers say it best when extolling key Regal services that help them supply retail customers while shipping efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are some testimonials that we’ve received in recent years:

  • “Regal Logistics are our eyes and ears, and a vital extension of our business. They have direct relationships with our customers, and we trust them 100% to provide solutions and satisfy retailers like Walmart.”
  • “For hundreds of retailers and specialty stores, Regal absolutely does a good job with fulfillment and transport combines. We send the order, and they do everything else.”
  • “The MyRegal customer dashboard is great, we use it all the time for container information, the order-in-transit visibility, and more.”
  • “Regal arranges all inbound and outbound transportation including coordinating with customer-specified carriers and managing freight moves.”
  • “Regal EDI is state-of-the-art. It’s a seamless operation to deal with customers’ purchase orders all the way through to shipping documentation and invoicing.”
  • “With many years’ experience supplying consumer products to mass retailers, online sellers, and specialty stores — especially seasonally-sensitive — Regal understands our needs and adapts well to the dynamic business environment.”
  • “MyRegal excels with immediate account access to shipments, reworks, stock levels, and more. We use EDI for efficient and accurate technology-driven distribution.”
  • “Regal’s warehousing has plenty of space and flexibility to handle seasonal requirements and inventory management.”
  • “In addition to ocean freight cost savings, we benefit from better volume rates with UPS and other over-the-road carriers to ship product to retailers nationwide more cost-effectively.”
  • “We get great customer service, quick response time, and accurate, detailed information.”
  • “We needed a partner that could successfully ship to major retailers with minimal involvement from us. Regal has been in this business for years and knows all the ins and outs.”
  • “Discrepancies are very low, a huge plus for us because Regal works with retailers to resolve issues.”

A Regal Logistics Facility | Source: Regal Logistics

TB: Small and mid-size toymakers often have some unique requirements and are, in some cases, not as familiar with the ins-and-outs of different retailer’s systems. What can Regal Logistics do to help those companies take it to the next level while ticking all the boxes that different retailers require?

JM: Regal Logistics has a strong track record of ensuring compliance and seamless distribution to more than 800 retailers of all sizes from mass and e-commerce to independent specialty stores. Our experience and toy industry expertise is backed by comprehensive systems that save customers time and money by mitigating chargebacks, delivering product exactly as required, and meeting all standards for packing, labeling, and on-time performance.

Regal EDI supports all inbound and outbound data sets and electronically receives and processes thousands of transactions every day. It’s a complete, fully automated solution with real-time event
notification, visibility, and access to inventory, order, and shipping status, benefitting our toy industry clients with:

  • Direct-to-retailer or consumer distribution;
  • Retail compliance mitigates chargebacks and returns; and
  • Lower administrative costs and improved customer service.

With 2.4 million square feet of high-performance, flexible distribution infrastructure for cost-effective warehousing in significant port gateways, Regal’s toy clients receive:

  • Standardized, retail-compliant operations;
  • EDI, WMS and RFID;
  • Hi-tech communication with data redundancy;
  • Security-controlled areas;
  • Sophisticated freight-handling equipment;
  • VNA and flow racks;
  • Value-added services; and
  • Transportation management

Regal Logistics’ online account access dashboard, MyRegal, features functionality and speed that makes work easier and the supply chain more productive. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use shipment tracking system with one-click access to distribution status, enhanced EDI views, and downloadable documents. Other benefits include:

  • Real-time data for just-in-time delivery and retailer compliance;
  • Immediate, secure access to perpetual warehouse inventory;
  • Integration with carrier tracking;
  • Control of their entire order cycle; and
  • The ability to manage events, analyze workflow, make critical operational decisions, and see their business succeed.

Companies in the toy industry that are interested in learning more can visit for details.