Totally Spies! RPG to Premiere on Facebook

OUAT Entertainment has teamed with Marathon Media to launch Totally Spies! Fashion Agents, a role-playing game (RPG) for Facebook. The RPG is based on the Totally Spies TV series, which has been broadcast in 120 countries. The series follows three students––Sam, Alex, and Clover––who are international secret agents and budding fashionistas.

In Totally Spies! Fashion Agents, players create their own character (girl or boy), which will become a student at Beverly Hills’ university, Mali-U, where Sam, Alex, and Clover are students. Players are recruited by WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection), and alternate between missions to save the world and mini-games based on student life, fashion, and decorating. The aim of the game is to make it to the Fashion Agents level, which allows players to pick up the best items for their personal wardrobe and home furnishings.

To play an alpha version, visit

Here are some screenshots (click on the picture for a closer look):

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