Ami Amis debuts Feb. 1, 2023, at Walmart in the U.S. | Source: JAKKS Pacific/The Toy Book

JAKKS Pacific is launching its latest brand this week.

The company’s Ami Amis line of collectible, knitted plush friends will debut on Feb. 1 at Walmart stores across the U.S. Wave 1 includes 30 cozy, knitted characters developed across four themes inspired by the joys in life: food, music, animals, and nostalgia.

“What’s most special about Ami Amis is how they make what’s ordinary, extraordinary. They’re unexpectedly charming and full of positivity and optimism,” says Tracy Warshauer, Senior Vice President of Marketing at JAKKS Pacific. “These characters are so unique, fans will quickly find their favorites to add to their collection. JAKKS will provide innovative new ways to display and interact with Ami Ami’s — look forward to seeing more throughout 2023!”

Ami Amis by JAKKS Pacific. | Source: The Toy Book

Kids and kidults can collect them all or curate a collection based on personal interest, theme, or rarity.

Ami Amis look handmade and feature embroidered details. They come in common, rare, and ultra-rare designs with the latter including a holographic sticker and a collector-friendly tag protector. Each plush friend also features a ribbon loop that can be used to hang the Ami Amis toy for display.

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In April, Ami Amis will expand to retailers everywhere as Wave 2 arrives with an additional 30 characters to collect. JAKKS Pacific says that it intends to release more than 200 characters by the end of the year.