The Great Garloo Collectible Figure | Source: The Nacelle Co./The Toy Book

A legendary creature from the Marx Toys Co. is back in action.

The Great Garloo first hit the scene in 1961 at the height of the sci-fi boom. Marx Toys’ 2-foot-tall remote-controlled Great Garloo was a thing of mystery that kids had to have and demand was fueled by a TV commercial in which the narrator asked: “Garloo the Mighty. Garloo the Untamed. Garloo the Terrible, Who can stop it? Who can control this monstrous creature?” The answer, of course, was that kids could control The Great Garloo.

As a Halloween treat, The Toy Book can exclusively reveal that The Nacelle Co. plans to release an all-new, Great Garloo 3-inch collectible figure next year.

“The rich history of Great Garloo is undeniable in the toy collecting community, and pop culture in general,” says Nacelle Co. Founder and CEO Brian Volk- Weiss. “We’re excited to be building on that legacy by ushering in the iconic character to a new audience.”

Last year, The Nacelle Co. acquired the Marx Toys brand, and with it the rights to The Great Garloo and several other classic properties. In recent years, interest in The Great Garloo has been on the upswing and has been met with new products created by Funko and Super7.

Consumer pre-orders for the Great Garloo will begin on Dec. 9 at Retail buyers interested in stocking the figure or other Nacelle Co. toys can email Michael Goodman: A small assortment of additional Great Garloo products, including embroidered patches, posters, and lunchboxes, is available now.

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Over the past few years, The Nacelle Co. has branched out as a diversified media company. Known for its comedy specials and TV series, including Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us and the multiplatform A Toy Store Near You, The Nacelle Co. now produces podcasts, is involved in publishing, and has been building a robust portfolio of licensed brands to develop across its growing toy division led by industry vet David Vonner.

The company recently revealed its Legends of Laughter action figure line, featuring Joan Rivers, Bill Hicks, and Lenny Bruce, and is about to ship the first figures from its reimagined version of Ideal Toys’ Robo Force, featuring updated versions of the 1980s’ Maxx 89 (formerly Maxx Steele) and Wrecker. Additionally, the company is rebooting Coleco’s Sectaurs brand and Revell’s Power Lords, and is currently soliciting retailer orders for two new kid-focused brands, Garden Surprise and Big Bad Battle Caps.