The worlds of physical and digital play continue to merge with the latest Nerf Fortnite blaster. Hasbro once again teamed with members of U.S. esports team, TSM, to publicly debut the upcoming toy. Previewed at Toy Fair New York last month, the Nerf Fortnite line officially launches as mass retail on March 22, with the newly-announced Nerf Fortnite TS blaster available beginning June 1.

The Nerf Fortnite TS blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Epic Games’ smash hit Fortnite video game — right down to the color scheme. With eight official Nerf Mega darts included, players can load four darts into the internal clip and store four more within the blaster stock. Users can prime and pull the trigger to fire darts.

The blaster category is off to a big start for Hasbro this year, with several new main line items slated for release between now and fall. Additional licensed offerings from Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics are also hitting retail.