Panda Mony Toy Brands unveiled its new line of Alter Nation action figures at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) Marketplace in New Orleans this month. Alter Nation is made up of a team of heroes who are experimental human-animal hybrids with extraordinary abilities.

The collection was developed based off of kids’ feedback on different product and story ideas. Alter Nation was the most popular idea with the kids that were questioned, and they selected the six heroes as the their favorite characters.

The line revolves around a team of hybrid heroes raised in seclusion on a military base on an island off the coast of California. The hybrid humans are told that the outside world is hostile to them because of their condition, but they soon discover they have been told lies. The heroes are torn between saving humanity and saving their own independence.

The line will launch next year, with six hero figures—El Ray, Bomber, Daart, Eddie Thick-Skin, Little Big Horn and Sham—plus two villains, Alpha and Sabotage. They will be released in two waves of four figures. There will also be 12 collectible lab animal hybrids that roam on the island. The line of figures ranges in size from 2-inch lab animals to 7-inch premium figures.