The wildly successful NFT collection Pudgy Penguins is getting its own range of collectible figures, plush toys, and accessories.

The products will come from a collaboration between Red Planet Group and PMI Kids’ World. Each toy will come with a unique code that grants access to a digital collectible and various customization options.

“Pudgy Penguins solidified their collectibility right off the bat,” says Omer Dekel, the Chief Operating Officer at PMI Kids’ World. “And we are super excited to continue our growth into Canada with Red Planet Group.”

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to launch this hot property and an amazing line of items in collaboration with key retailers in Canada,” says Jason Mars, President of Red Planet Group. “Q4 should be a strong end to the year with new and innovative products launching for the holidays. We are excited to enter this new untapped white space of NFTs as it relates to actual physical products for consumers.”

The Pudgy Penguins collectible toy line will combine the tangible appeal of toys with the exciting world of digital collectibles. Each purchase will offer kids and collectors a blend of physical play and interactive online experiences. The products will hit the Canadian market in October at Toys “R” Us, then Gamestop and Amazon.

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Maggie Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty

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