Spy Ninjas | Source: Surge Licensing

Spy Ninjas | Source: Surge Licensing

Spy Ninjas has a new mission: Infiltrate the publishing world.

Spy Ninjas, the popular YouTube serial drama, signed a three-year publishing deal with Scholastic for North America. In the show, the team is tasked with saving the world through their detective and martial arts skills from the evil hacking group Project Zorgo.

Scholastic will first launch an official guidebook for Spy Ninjas, followed by a series of graphic novels and activity books. Every book relates back to the Spy Ninjas storytelling on YouTube, with fans able to decode messages, solve clues, and find hints that will help the Spy Ninjas team finish their quests.

“We loved how the Spy Ninjas show has action and comedy, as well as a ravenous fan base who are excited to directly participate with the content and creators,” says Lynn Smith, global licensing director, Scholastic. “Our range of books, including graphic novels and interactive Spy Guides, will allow fans to engage in a new way, expanding on the interactivity of the brands’ values.”

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“Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books in the world, helping young readers to explore their imaginations and become lifelong lovers of books, and we couldn’t be more excited that they are our North American partner for the brand,” says Surge Licensing Vice President Elan Freedman. “The publishing line will provide myriad ways for the series’ huge fanbase to further connect with Chad and Vy and their Spy Ninjas team as they demonstrate loyalty, discipline, respect, and courage on their mission to save the world!”

The first Scholastic Spy Ninjas books are set to release in the fall, ahead of the holiday season.