Source: Wow! Stuff

Wow! Stuff inked a deal with Universal Brand Development to create a new line of toys and collectibles inspired by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World franchise.

The new lineup from Wow! Stuff includes a Drop ‘n Pop Dinosaur Egg that kids can drop onto any hard surface to reveal a soft plush dinosaur. The assortment includes Bumpy, the baby dinosaur from the Netflix Original series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and a baby T.rex. Kids can squash the dino back into its shell and re-seal it to Drop ‘n Pop again and again.

A new collection of flying toys includes a Pteranadon Jump Rocket that sends the flying dinosaur up to 50 feet into the air when kids stomp the included air pad; and a Dino-Glider that includes a jet motor that powers a dino with a two-foot wingspan on a flight path with a 100-foot radius.

Source: Wow! Stuff

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“Jurassic World has been a fabulous brand to work on with its rich storylines and evergreen status,” says Kenny McAndrew, director of new product development and licensing at Wow! Stuff. “It’s one of the biggest and most loved brands in the industry and also the undisputed leader of the dinosaur toy category. We believe the fans are going to love the range we’ve created.”

Dinosaurs from Jurassic World are also joining the Wow! Pods swipe-to-light collectible range that Wow! Stuff launched last year. Jurassic World Wow! Pods SFX collectibles add sound to the mix with a “Clap to Roar” function.

Wow! Stuff’s Jurassic World line begins shipping in June.