Source: Cloudco Entertainment

Cloudco Entertainment has a full day of activities planned to celebrate the Care Bears’ annual Share Your Care Day.

On Sept. 9 — also National Teddy Bear Day — Care Bears fans around the world are encouraged to “proactively reach out to others and engage in messages of love, friendship, and acceptance.”

Events begin at 10 a.m. ET with a special welcome message from Share Bear. Other activities include music video premieres, dance sessions, the unveiling of new Care Bears medium plush from Basic Fun!, and a fundraising effort for Love is Louder.

“At Cloudco, Share Your Care Day is one of our favorite days of the year,” says Kristeen Tibbits, head of marketing at Cloudco. “Each year, we invite our partners to join us in our mission to spread caring and sharing around the world. This year, we’re introducing Acts of Caring and have lined up a full day of fun-filled activities that will encourage fans to display acts of friendship, acceptance, fun, and happiness to those they love every day. We hope you’ll join us!”

A full schedule including ways to participate is available at the official Care Bears website.

It’s been a big year for Care Bears with the relaunched toy line from Basic Fun! selling out at retail and the introduction of new partnerships with The Sandbox, Jam City, and more. Cloudco recently entered into a deal with Moonbug to create more Care Bears video content, including Unlock the Music.