Millimages, an independent animation studio based out of Paris, has secured a portfolio of new international deals.

The studio has a catalog of more than 75 intellectual properties (IP), including the preschool series Molang. Molang got its start as a character doodle by Korean illustrator Hye Ji Yoon but is now a popular brand boasting more than 712 million views on YouTube Kids. The brand’s series follows Molang the rabbit and Piu Piu the chicken on their adventures in friendship. Millimages acquired global rights to Molang in 2015 and has since released over 300 episodes.

Molang is an animated preschool series featuring the friendship between Molang and Piu Piu. | Source: Millimages

Millimages has sealed a new deal with Tycoon Enterprises to represent the Molang brand in Mexico. IMC will also further expand its own representation of Molang beyond Argentina to the rest of Central and South America.

We are thrilled to see how Molang is performing in Latin America and especially in Mexico. This territory has had a huge community on social media from the very beginning and seeing that this success keeps on growing to content sales and merchandising makes it a great example to follow in other key territories.
— Adrien Moretto, General Manager, Millimages

Mexican fans of the series can get merchandise such as back-to-school products from American Bags and kids’ apparel from E-Fashion. Carnival Design has also entered into a deal to produce toys, novelties, and party goods across Latin America. The Molang series itself will also see new releases, with Globoplay picking up Season 4 in Brazil.

New deals for Millimages go beyond the Molang brand. TV Brazil has acquired Pay TV rights to Pirate & Capitano Season 1, Mouk Season 1, Trust Me I’m a Genie, and The Sandman.

Millimages is one of the older European animation studios, established in 1991. Molang is already popular within Latin America. 12% of the brand’s YouTube subscribers are in Mexico and 9% are in Brazil. The company has been continually expanding the reach of its content, and is now aiming to see its brands reach even greater international popularity.

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