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For nearly 40 years, our team has maintained a reputation for delivering insightful features that are packed with commentary from powerful voices within the industry. What we can’t predict is what will crack the charts to secure a coveted slot on our most-read list at the end of each year. Below you’ll find the Top 25 most-read features that we published in 2022 in terms of overall traffic.

25. Supply Chain Struggles Continue as U.S. Toy Industry Prepares for Additional Challenges

The challenges in the supply chain continued into 2022.

24. In the Toy Department, Representation Matters

The Toy Book highlights new toys and games from a diverse array of manufacturers

23. State of the Industry Q&A: MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment founder Isaac Larian checked in with The Toy Book for a preview of the year ahead.

22. The Multi-Generational Power of Jazwares’ Squishmallows Plush Toys Brings Joy to All

Jazwares previewed its plans for Squishmallows ahead of Licensing Expo.

21. State of the Industry Q&A: Moose Toys

Moose Toys’ Belinda Gruebner checked in with The Toy Book to discuss the success of Magic Mixies and plans for 2022.

20. State of the Industry Q&A: The Pokémon Co. International

Pokémon’s Daniel Benkwitt kicked off the year with some insight into crafting an anniversary campaign for a pop culture icon.

19. 40 Years of Phoning Home: Celebrating E.T.’s Anniversary in the Toy Aisle

Universal Brand Development went big to honor four decades of the alien icon.

Source: ZURU/the Toy Book

18. State of the Industry Q&A: ZURU

ZURU CEO Nick Mowbray checked in with The Toy Book to deliver an update about the power of social media and the company’s sustainability efforts.

Students can practice developing toys through the Student Investing Challenge. | Source: TinkerTini

17. Investing in the Next Generation of Toy Industry Creators

TinkerTini’s Trina McFarland served up insight into fostering growth for toy and game inventors.

Avatar Tonowari & Skimwing | Source: McFarlane Toys

16. The Collectibles Evolution: Business is Booming as Categories Begin to Blur

The Toy Book caught up with the leaders of Basic Fun!, The Loyal Subjects, McFarlane Toys, Super7, and VeeFriends to discuss the innovation (or lack thereof)( in the collectibles space.

Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service/U.S. Toys/Adjusted Dollars

15. The Pandemic Lifestyle Continues to Drive Strong Growth for the U.S. Toy Industry

The NPD Group’s Juli Lennett kicked off our annual State of the Industry with data outlining the big wins and emerging trends.

14. The Supply Chain Crisis Reignites Reshoring Efforts

The Toy Book explored the latest wave of companies exploring the possibility of reshoring or nearshoring production to the U.S. amid cracks in the supply chain and growing unrest in dealing with overseas factories.

13. How Toy Industry Leaders Can Thrive in the Supply Chain’s New Normal

Sarah Ng of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program shares some thoughts on how businesses can do better.

Kids playing inside the Village Toy Castle. Source: Erin Samuell

12. Next-Gen Toy Stores: A New Era of Specialty Retailers Lead Play Into the Future

The Toy Book checks out several new independent toy stores that showcase just how important the specialty market is for the toy industry in the U.S. and Canada.

Collaboration is an important part of the metaverse and Web3, like this Marvel event within Fortnite. | Source: Epic Games

11. How the Toy Industry is Navigating the Metaverse and Web3

The metaverse is everywhere, but what does it mean and how is the industry getting involved?

10. State of the Industry Q&A: Hasbro

Hasbro’s Eric Nyman shares insight on the direction of the company, NERF, and the licensing side of the business.

9. How Hasbro is Using Today’s Trends and Nostalgia for a Bright Future

Hasbro’s Casey Collins weighs in on the company’s growing licensing business.

8. Harnessing Imagination at Licensing Expo: How ZAG Delivers New-Age Entertainment Across All Platforms

Anna Knight of the Global Licensing Group chats with Julian Zag about the company’s growing global success.

7. The TikTok Effect: Learn From the Teams Behind Some of TikTok’s Hottest Toys

TikTok is powering toy sales and The Toy Book caught up with some of the major players that have capitalized on the action.

6. Talkin’ Toys: BBC Studios Grows Bluey Brand with a Focus on Family and Community

The Toy Book spoke with Suzy Raia, senior vice president of licensing and business development in the Americas for BBC Studios, about the show’s global success, its toy program, and what’s in store for Bluey this year.

5. Why Toy Production is Ebbing Away from China

Steve Reece of Toy Team Asia explores how toy and game makers are pulling business from China and setting up shop in other countries.

4. Backstory: Toys “R” Us — The Epic Tale of “The World’s Biggest Toy Store”

The Toy Book takes a look back at more than 70 years of Toys “R” Us history.

3. Talkin’ Toys: Miraculous Tales & Toys

Playmates Toys’ Georgia Manolas Walker discussed the company’s collaboration with ZAG for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir toys.

2. State of the Industry Q&A: WHP Global’s Toys “R” Us

All eyes were on WHP Global as its partnership to open Toys “R” Us at Macy’s kicked into high gear.

A girl plays in Ukraine | Source: Adobe Stock

1. The Toy Industry Supports Ukraine During Russian Conflict

No one expected that war would disrupt the toy industry this year, but that changed very quickly. The Russian invasion of Ukraine sparked global outcry and an immediate response from the global toy community.

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