OdysseyARIAOdyssey Toys is making an augmented reality educational game for kids, ARIA’s Adventures. This augmented reality interactive application combines physical playing cards with the company’s own cell phone-compatible virtual reality headset to teach memory skills and facts about different animals and other early learning skills.

ARIA’s Adventures offers several interactive and exciting gaming options utilizing augmented reality, a gaming tool that causes physical objects in the real-world environment to appear as though they’ve come to life. As learning about the natural world elements like jungles, forest, and animals can be daunting, kids can embark on a virtual journey through the jungle with ARIA. Sixty different animal cards all come to life to teach the player valuable facts about itself, which adds a stimulating learning element to the basic acts of coloring and reading.

ARIA’s Adventures will be available beginning in July at major retail stores, and is recommended for children ages four and above. The game works with a smart device or the included virtual reality headset and may be played solo or with friends, siblings, and parents.