The new doll is modeled after Paris Hilton and her pomeranian. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Rainbow High is a brand of fashion dolls known for bright colors and high quality appreciated by kid and adult collectors alike. The line has an associated animated series on Netflix, also called Rainbow High, that recently had a celebrity cameo from Paris Hilton. Following this cameo, MGA Entertainment, the company behind L.O.L. Surprise and Little Tikes, is releasing the Rainbow High Premium Edition Paris Hilton Collector Doll.

The new Paris Hilton Rainbow High fashion doll is a premium doll designed for collectors willing to pay a bit more than the average Rainbow High doll price. MGA Entertainment is targeting the kidult market, a growing sector in the toy industry that has risen by 19% in the last four years, per NPD.

“Paris Hilton represents the confident individuality, bold fashion, and entrepreneurial spirit that Rainbow High is all about,” says MGA Entertainment CEO and founder Isaac Larian. “Since Paris’s appearance in the series and after much anticipation across the fan and collector communities, we are thrilled to finally debut the doll today.”

Paris Hilton is a famous model, fashion designer, overall businessperson, and part of the Hilton hotels dynasty. Though she’s not someone with much presence in toys or kid’s entertainment, she’s a name many adults would at least recognize.

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The new doll features clothes hand-picked by Paris herself, one outfit inspired by the look she wore for her 21st birthday, and another featuring a pink blazer and rhinestone-emblazoned dress. The doll comes with accessories such as a handbag, cellphone, and pomeranian modeled after Paris’ dog Mr. Amazing, the first dog to be featured with a Rainbow High doll.

“I’m so incredibly proud to continue this Rainbow High collaboration with this gorgeous doll inspired by my character on the show,” says Paris Hilton, entrepreneur and CEO of 11:11 Media. “I had so much fun voicing the Headmistress on the show and now creating this doll is such a wonderful expansion for the fans. Just like me, she is absolutely Sliving in a stunning all-pink look that I know will excite fans of all ages.”

The Paris Hilton doll is available for purchase now on Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

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